Your Babies #005: Gangnam Style is popular with babies too.

It had to happen sooner or later,¬†those two YouTube juggernauts, laughing babies and Korean popstar Psy have collided.¬†Stephenie sent us this video of her 1 & 1/2 year old dancing and laughing to the “Gangnam Style” video. His favorite bit seems to be when the music stops and starts again. Apparently, Mom, Dad, Sister, Aunt, Grandma and Grandpa were all present too. Stephenie doesn’t report if they were dancing too.

And looking at youtube’s list of similar videos, it seems he isn’ the only one.

Slowed down baby laughter and tears

We are a little bit early for Halloween but I thought I would share these with you. The spooky consequences of slowing down or shifting the pitch of babies laughter and tears until they sound a bit like adults. The results are unsettling to say the least.

First off a friend found a pitch adjusted version of a baby crying. You can listen to it here but be warned it is very weird and affecting. Almost as if the anguish of infancy has been enlarged to become the existential lament of a full grown adult. (You have been warned!)

Naturally, this had me wondering what slowed down baby laughter would sound like. The same friend obliged by making this sound file of a slowly laughing baby. Worringly, it sounds a bit like sobbing too. Which is interesting in itself since laughter and tears are the first communicative sounds that babies can make. However, when slowed down a little less baby laughter sounds surprisingly normal.

The original full speed version is here.

And then there’s this little one:

I think he sounds a lot like legendary British comedian Sid James

Your Babies #001 – Ilario loves peek-a-boo.

I am delighted to announce that we have our first reader submitted laughing baby. Submitted by John & Kashia Ritenour, here see their son Ilario laughing his little head off. Why? His parents explain:

“I was popping out from around a corner and our son, Ilario, LOVED it, laughing so much. So we decided to film one and this is what we got.”

Is there anything funnier for babies than peek-a-boo? Not on the evidence of this video. Thanks, John, Kashia and especially Ilario.

If you have a video of your baby laughing or decide to make one please send it to us. You can use this form.