Adults are rather disappointing right now.  So here are some laughing babies to cheer you up.

Qayyum – 5 months

Qayyum and his daddy, Sharul, cheer each other up. As Shahrul says “After a whole busy day at work, “The Big Lion” (dad) feel much better when his “Little Monster” (son) laugh out loud.”

Hugo – 14 months

Seems like baby Hugo and daddy James have a similar arrangements:  “Baby Hugo found it hilarious to throw a pillow on my head. After realizing that got him giggling, I decided to see how long he would keep up such a maniacal laugh. Suffice it to say, I’m just glad this wasn’t an anvil.”

Baby B – 12 months

And this little fellow can’t bring himself to cry. He’d rather laugh. Let’s all be like baby B.

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