File a Field Report…

What has made your baby laugh recently?
Let us know

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Here I am in a field, what now? (Image by Sean Dreilinger via

As a parent you are studying developmental psychology every day as you watch your baby learn and develop. So we’d like your help collecting data on what situations and events make your baby laugh. We believe these will give us a new understanding of infant development.

We’d like to hear about an single recent event that your baby found funny. What happened? Who was present?  Why do you think your baby found it so funny?Think of this like a field report on the behaviour of the most remarkable creatures on the planet.

Grandparents, brother, sisters and friends can also tell us about the last time they made a baby laugh.


  1. I was taking my two and a half month old son on a walk in his pushchair with some other ‘baby lady’ friends. We were down by the canal, walking beneath some very big trees on a windy day. Every time the wind rustled the leaves in the trees, he began laughing hysterically. None of my friends’ babies did so. Another time, a few months later, he began laughing hysterically when a friend was eating noodle salad and letting the noodles dangle from her mouth. He also laughed quite hard, when about two and half months and onwards from my saying ba… banana.

  2. from my experience as a mother of 2 kids ,my kids when there babies i feel they copy me all the time. for example when i laugh to my baby he laugh like a reflux when i smile he always smile back.the fact that ,I think the brain of babies understand love and happiness and then translate this to a smile to tell the person who makes him laugh that he like this kind of attention.

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